update: new book!


*kickstarter was charging shipping but this has been removed! Get a signed pre-order of my next book ‘the man on the moon’

Hey guys, as some of you may know I have begun work on my second book to follow up ‘Dead of Night’. My lovely sister, for my birthday (which was March 4th lol) started a kickstarter to help fund my second book. She is a star and has already reached her goal but I have added a bunch of rewards, including mention in the book as well as a second smaller book of unpublished poems that did not quite make the cut for the book or to be posted online. These are limited and exclusive to the campaign.

If you are interested in this please check out the kickstarter here! You guys do so much to support me and I really do love and appreciate the WordPress community! The money will go a long way to helping me get my work out there and do things like set up a site to offer prints and fun stuff. The book is scheduled to be released some time in October.