Like the earth,

The period of time

After a breakdown

Provide the most fertile soil

For new life to grow.

*sending out positive wishes for Diane ( on her Mastectomy today! Good luck!



Whether you see it or not;

Seasons have changed,

Changed the man a lot


Days longer

And the man feels stripped bare;

Winter winds

Long gone but not their dispair


Worlds mistress

might have some great plan,

She cold

To the hardworking man.

Counting Sheep

They said count sheep when you can’t find sleep

1 sheep, 2 sheep, red sheep, blue sheep.



I bought too many sheep

I could’t count them all before sleep.


I’d started up counting and could never find sleep

They got so mad, they did those sheep!


So I sold them all, with no peep from no sheep,

When you’ve sold all your sheep it’s easy to sleep.