7 thoughts on “starting point

  1. Wise words, Christopher. The old skin is strong and weak because we, human animals, are both; they are two sides of the same coin, where we should always strive for the stronger side still admitting we also have a weaker one. Out of our weakness we become creators of poetry, literature in general, arts, music, philosophical thinking, and historical or scientific research. Out of our weakness and fears we get ready for changes in life; it is then when we are ready to begin again even with the severe wounds now turned into scars forming the landscapes of our bodies and souls. After a great fall into the deepest darkness of the ocean we can learn to move up to the surface again and swim. And when we fly once more we have to learn not to do it that high. I based my poem “Afloat” on several things, one of them is the Greek myth of Icarus’ flight; another being Sylvia Plath’s poem “Words”, where in both cases the direful sinking ends in suicide. Unlike Icarus and Plath we should move upward again after the fall until we keep afloat. I wish it brings you hope:

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