when the writing is hard

Sometimes writing gets hard.

I find it comes in waves, currently, I am in a dry spell despite posting every day. It has been coming as a trickle instead of a wave and I sit mashing around words in my head trying to arrange something that makes me feel. Sometimes it is a word or set of words that spark a feeling which leads to a poem, sometimes a poem comes to me and I pull over before I lose the wording to quickly jot it down in my notes.

But sometimes there is nothing. There is radio silence. I try to write but these poems are not good. A seemingly acceptable arrangement of words but not up to par. On these days I stress myself out, trying to bring something together.

Yesterday morning I was struck with inspiration and posted it immediately. I like to set my posts up the night before and schedule them during the day, but this morning I had nothing. I looked through my drafts and drew inspiration from a line from a poem by Margaret Atwood which I found out about from this video about a young student who overcomes his stutter by working with a teacher (watch it and try not to cry) and ends up reading this poem. I had a poem, which was just okay, but I rearranged the words and suddenly it worked.

It always feels good when you come up with something, but sometimes it is a struggle. I notice the more stressed I get the harder it is to come up with things. But I am addicted, it is a strange thing that everyone who writers probably understands.  I take breaks, but when my routine does not include my daily post for the next day it feels empty. Anyway, whether the writing is good or a struggle I am so thankful for everyone who continues to read and sticks with my blog.


14 thoughts on “when the writing is hard

  1. I can relate to this. I feel mentally sluggish if I can’t write something I like. I let it ride then, not knowing if I’ll be inspired again. I enjoyed the link. 🤗

      1. You welcome 🙂 and I just hope one day I can write such amazing poems as yours! I truly admire the way you write, thanks again for sharong your poems with the world 🙂

  2. dear christopher, i experienced it too and the most important thing i learned is to take a break from time to time, to live, do other things and then, like being “refilled” through life and experiences i come back to writing and do my poetry. you will not lose me as a reader, if you do not poste day by day, and i guess it’s the same for all the other readers here too. all the best, take care, best regards from germany

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