the man on the moon

Very happy and proud to say my second book is now live on amazon! My first book was really nerve-wracking wondering what people would think, but I got such great feedback and I feel like it allowed me to be even more honest and free for this one.

I included many personal and unpublished poems where I touch on anxiety, depression and what it was like first dealing with these things as a teenager, having daily panic attacks in my grade 10 homeroom.

Big shout out to everyone who supported the Kickstarter and everyone who supports me on here, the likes, comments and reblogs mean so much, and I am so glad to be part of such a great writing community☺️ if you are interested in getting yours, get it here!tmotm

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  1. That’s awesome! What’s the book about? It’s summer and I love a good book to read at the beach or when I’m just at home 🙂

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