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Hey everyone! I have been busy working one the new book as well as the book b-side poems and have rough drafts done for each. ‘the man on the moon’ will be 240 pages long and feature 4 different chapters. I am working on two page spreads of artwork to introduce the chapters and experimenting with different cover ideas.

It has been interesting trying to do this all. On the one hand I love it, I have bought a typewriter and have ordered a bunch of vintage postcards to print my poems on and send out with anyone who buys the book.

On the other it has been a lot on top of work and school and working on my dissertation. But my days definitely are filled up and I do get to spend a lot of time in my favourite places, the coffee shop and the library, and I have really loved putting it together so far.

I am excited about the new book. I personally think it is better than the last one. It is about 1/5th comprised of poems I haven’t posted because I have been saving them for a new book and I really do love the mix I have and how they all fit together.

If you are interested in buying the book and getting your hands on the pre-order with vintage postcards for every order you can get that here.

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