update: questions blog

Hey guys, I am thinking about making a video answering questions, feel free to submit your questions and I will answer them in a video the coming days! These can be personal, or about writing, or anything under the sun.

Kickstarter has been fixed and there is no longer shipping on signed copies to America/anywhere else!:) get your copy here!

2 thoughts on “update: questions blog

  1. 1. What’s the biggest adjustment you’ve had to make, living in a different country?
    2. Where do you get your writing inspiration?
    3. Describe your favourite sandwich.
    4. How many poems do you have left in you?
    5. Rant about seagulls.

  2. What does poetry mean to you?
    What is your job ?
    Why do you write?
    Are all ur ideas real or only some of them?

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