creature fear

consumed by the darkness

i feared the light,

that it might exposed

the cracks

in my sinking ship.

4 thoughts on “creature fear

  1. Hi Christopher, I also wish you a Happy Birthday. Love all your short poems. I wonder at your ability to express so much with just a few concise words, so beautifully written, accessible to any reader for their clear, eloquent and poignant message. This poem here especially speaks to me and surely to many other readers. I guess we all have felt as a “sinking ship” many times in our lives, where light and darkness intermingle and where we have to deal with fear, accept it but not let this human feeling paralize us. We often fall to the deepest darkness of despair and, suddenly, there is a tremendous force that makes us go up again toward the surface. My poem “Afloat” talks about this. Guess I wrote it as therapy for myself, but two friends told me it helped them too, which is great. Perhaps it helps more people:

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