I don’t know
I guess I’ve always felt
A little
Out of place,
I guess it started
When I was 5,
A family fractured
Into factions;
Love poured like wine
Spilling into a new white carpet,
Hard to ignore,
But easy to understand,
As chess is a dangerous game
When played
With people
As pieces.

15 thoughts on “chess

  1. Chris, this is such a great post! Love the intertwining of life with chess! You are so right about your lines
    “As chess is a dangerous game
    When played
    With people
    As piece”

    I have lived that as well – pieces on the board! Chess is so elegant – mind against mind with no luck involved and yet it is really a violent, imaginary game of war! No blood spilled on the board at least.

    Come read my “Pawns” –

    I have another piece not posted yet “Chess is more civilized than Life” on the right to die – surrender. In Chess surrender is expected and respected if you are in a hopeless – no win situation but in life we force people to play to the bitter end. We treat pets and horses better.
    Just my opinion!

  2. As usual, beautifully written!

    I feel like I haven’t seen anything from you in a few days. Am I imagining things again??

    Also, have you ever listened to the musical, Hamilton? 🙂

  3. Soooooo powerful. I, too, felt like a chess piece, and in turn had my marriage crumble while my children watched. Your poetry never fails to touch and stir a chord within me.

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