Dead of Night

Hey guys,

Thanks to everyone who has bought my book so far and to all my new followers:)

You can find my book through any of the amazon, if you live in a country where shipping would be expensive it may be better to try through my publishers site!

If you loved the book please don’t forget to leave a review:)

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17 thoughts on “Dead of Night

  1. The book description on Amazon has drawn me in, in addition to your fabulous short poems i’ve seen on your blog. I will certainly take the time to read your book once i’m through with the pile i currently have going! Congratulations on getting it published, what a great accomplished feeling you must have!

  2. Congratulations!!! I am so so so happy for you. Since I am Paul’s little blogger sister, and you two are so close like brothers, I consider myself your little blogger sister too and you inspire me to want to begin writing my poems again!

  3. I received my copy in the mail today. I’m off to hike some mountains for the next week but I will hopefully devour it as soon as I return. But honestly, I could end up reading a bunch tonight. I enjoy your poems. You put so much power in these short poems it just blows me away every time. Some books of poems you fly through. They are nice to read and flow well. But your poems are my favorite kind. Your poems flow and are easy to read but I can also sit with each one, let it sink in and savor every word. Your ability to bring emotion through a black and white page of words is impressive. Please keep writing.

  4. You have my biggest Congratulations. I saw this on my way to work this morning, it made me happy to know hope is alive in Pandora’s box. Good luck with all your future adventures.

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