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  1. John came out of the hospital, holding the doctors report that came from the test that was carried out on him. He remembered the doctor’s smiling face as he revealed the bad news about him having few weeks to live because of the intensity of the cancer in his body.

    John  wanted to smack the doctor’s face, but he was too sad to do so. He saw young people, probably in their late twenties sitting around their grandmother’s bed. He saw them through the window, the nurse was checking on the old woman. She had a hard time passing through the young people. She kept on saying ” make way people “.

    John kept starring at them, till a boy, probably 6 years, bumped into him, without noticing it. He was holding a cord, tying different balloons together. The balloons were in different colours. John watched him, as he entered the room, where his grandmother was. John saw him as he ran to where his grandmother was, lying in the hospital bed. John saw as a lady among the youth pulled him away. He tried breaking free from her grip, but she wouldn’t let go. John was convinced that the lady had the strength of any man. John saw as the nurse kept the balloon by the grandmother side and said ” is for you, little Tedo brought it for you. ” He saw the old woman shake her body a little. John knew she wished she could jump up and smile, and hug Tedo, squeezing him tight.

    Seeing them, John realized how lonely he was. Not that he didn’t have a caring family, but he didn’t want them to continue to suffer because of him. He had snuck out of  the house, to go to the hospital. He got a cab that took him there. He refused to go to the family doctor, which was his eldest son, instead he had gone to a hospital where nobody could find him.

    Before he snuck out of the house, he put sleeping potion in everyone’s food, apart from he’s. He had instead on making dinner, this wasn’t strange. His daughter,  Kate came to help. Kate just got married 3 weeks back, which most of the member of her family didn’t attend, save her uncle, cousins, and few friends. Kate’s brother kept begging her husband to shift the date, but he couldn’t. No one could blame him though. His mother would never agree. Kate never enjoyed her honeymoon because of her sick father, neither did HJ he’s 5th son go to college as all the money were spent in making sure John got better. His wife stopped going to work in order to look after him.He’s family had to skip their flight to Australia for  the summer break. To them, they thought they showed him love, but all their love and care irritated John all the more. He wanted them to get back to their normal lives, and let him alone, but he never said it.

    John seeing that food was ready, sent her to go and feed their dog. As she left, he put the sleeping potion in everyone food. He watched them, as they lay unconsciously on the dinning table, some sleeping on the chair, others on the table, some on another person. He sighed as he left the house.

    John couldn’t help but detest himself, as he walked down the door. He saw people sitting close by. He looked at the counter, 2 females were there. 

    As he turned back to look at the door, he saw the door flung open, and a lady in an stretcher bed was carried in by 6 people, all wearing a long green dress, and a green trouser. The lady being rushed in had oxygen pipe which was placed on her nose. A man, John knew he was the husband was shoved back by one of the men on green, as they entered the hallway. The man wore a faded shirt and a trouser, torn at the edges. He wore palms. A lady offered him her seat, telling him to calm down, but he shouted at the lady. A guy came over and pushed him on the floor, ” That’s no way to talk to a lady, Am sure you do the same to your wife. See how you are looking and acting like a fool. You look worse than a mad man” The guy said kicking the man. John looked at them, and watched the man punch the other guy on the face, and the guy slumped in the process. John looked at the man, who shoved the unconscious guy back and front, but the guy didn’t move. John saw a team of nurses come over and carry the guy on a stretcher into the hall way.

    Later John heard Kora, the lady who had offered the man a seat the first time sigh so loudly and chuckled a little as she went outside. John looked at the man who was so perplexed. He looked like one that had just being come out from a  room without ventilation, where he had been locked in for 17 hours.
    John followed Kora quietly as she headed to a Jeep. She called a number, and spoke as she leaned on the Jeep. “I’ve got news, kunle  was knocked out by a guy. I don’t know how mum’s gonna take it, but we all knew he just had just 5 days to live. Here’s the good part, we can finally blame it on the guy who  knocked kunle out. The guy will be in jail, and we get a huge money, being paid by his family to us before we finally get the guy out. And you remember that kunle was insured, not just him, but everyone else in my house is insured. So we could kill them all, and we get the money from the insurance company, and you and I are gonna be rich. Love you James, let me go check and see what happened, but am sure there’s no way kunle would have survived that blow on the head.” Kora said before ending the call.

    John heard her as she spoke in low tones as she entered the hospital ” Finally kunle is no longer a liability anymore, he won’t make me miss my dates any longer, and finally money won’t be spent on his stupid ass, as soon I will be rich, as  the insurance company will pay me  hugely, and am gonna kill that my stupid boyfriend, am sure he thinks his smart, trying to use me, then kill me, like he did with his ex, but am gonna show him. I will use him, then kill him, as he did to my best friend which he calls his ex. He thinks I don’t know about it; stupid guy.” She said

    John walked slowly. He believed the lady. ” She’s right, I can’t be a liability to my family. I got to end it right now” He heard himself saying, half hoping that she heard him.

  2. Your short poems are soo beautiful, reading any one of them a memory or idea pops up and I just pause for a moment to think about it. You could probably publish them in a cute little book with simple illustrations and people would love the little stories that follow in their minds.

  3. Really loved the wisdom of this piece! kind of like what they tell you on the airplane if the oxygen mask drops down. Secure your own first before helping others. Nicely Done!

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