6 thoughts on “hourglass

  1. This one hit me right in the feels. Earlier this month, I lost my Grandmother. Yesterday, I received a small gift from her estate; all I keep thinking is: I’d give it all up, plus everything I have, for more time. :'(

    You speak to my heartache. Thank you for it.

      1. The gift was money. She had only moved from a semi-independent living facility to a nursing home four months ago, so she’d already given me many beautiful, tangible gifts I treasure much more. Still, I’d give up every penny, plus my bank account & max out my credit cards for a few more hours with her.

        My Mom passed from cancer when I was young… I know how terrifying those calls & meetings with doctors can be. I hope your Mom is doing well; I’m sure she’s so proud of you for finding beautiful words in a dark time. 🙂

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