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    christophermcgeownwriting posted: “Love speaks to The soul In a language The brain Can’t comprehend.”

  2. Poor little ineffectual brain … you are so right – the smartest brains I have known are inept at listening to the heart and soul of themselves.

  3. I do like these little gems you keep providing us with. “Lo bueno, breve, dos veces bueno” (Gracian, Spain, 17th C). That which is good and brief is twice as good. You are in good company.

      1. That’s because I speak Spanish and read wonderful Spanish literature. Not many people are aware of the great Spanish classics of the 17th Century. I translate them and appear to be original … Cervantes alone is an incredible source of wisdom. But I am getting old and very forgetful now. Thank you for your support. And a double thank you for your own original pearls of wisdom. They are much appreciated.

      2. That set me out on a search … there are some good ones out there. He quotes a great many traditional Spanish proverbs, mind, not just words of his own invention.

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