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      1. I truly enjoy your writing– you have a lovely and wise way with words. Plus I think social workers are cool. I definitely feel like my background as a social worker impacts my writing. Even though I am nor directly practicing anymore, I feel like I always see the world through that social work lens. I have a real admiration and respect for human resilience, complexity and the truth that we are both light and darkness.

      2. that’s awesome! I don’t think I ever clued in to the fact that you were a social worker, what kind of places did you work in? Same here, I feel that that is what makes you a great writer, you are very in touch with the human spirit:D

      3. I worked in a psychiatric hospital for six years and worked as outpatient therapist for many years and as the supervisor of an intake unit. My favorite social work job was doing nondirected play therapy with 2 and a half to 13 years olds and running a parenting program at an agency that works primarily with kids with a history of neglect and physical and sexual abuse. I now work in a research center that studies early onset dementias and I was hired because I was a social worker. Many of the calls we get are right after a family has received a devastating diagnosis or are worried about the genetic risk of them developing neurodegenerative disease.

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