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Been a while since I’ve posted anything personal other then my poems, I posted this to my tumblr–11 facts about me, enjoy!:)

1. My last name is Mc Geown. My family made a mistake on my birth certificate and so on all my official documents that’s what it is. The rest of my family, except for me and my brother have the last name McGeown with no space.

2. In elementary school I was voted most likely to be Prime Minister.

3. I have been passionate about writing since grade 1. When we would get free time I would spend time writing by myself, and my teacher was concerned about me. I was really shy as a kid and didn’t really make friends until grade 4.

4. I am currently on the a team in the farm system for the British Baseball Federation, it is their big league here, not a big deal but something I do.

5. I am currently in the UK doing my Masters In Social Work but I am from Canada, I love it here so far.

6. I love chocolate so much that after one Easter I took all of the chocolate I got to bed with me, it all melted, and needless to say my mom was horrified at the brown mess she walked into the next morning.

7. I have a bucket list, it is simple and goes as such; get published, help someone at their worst, play a meaningful sports game, make a good song.

8. I am 6′5′′, the weather up here is great, and no, I don’t play basketball or volleyball.

9. Last year (2016) I got into a terrible accident with a moose hitting my windshield, all I have left is a scar on my shoulder from glass entering there, but it really made me want to take writing more seriously and led to me starting this blog.

10. I have 4 siblings. An older brother, a younger sister and two younger half sisters, I love them all very much.

11. I have anxiety and depression and have struggled with them quite a bit over the last few years, this inspires a lot of my writing and has motivated me to get into a helping profession.

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  1. Excellent list! I cracked up about the chocolate mess!!! 😂 It’s also interesting that a Moose led to you writing this blog. My friend who was KIA in Afghanistan, who was a bit taller than you, was nicknamed Moose. That story made me think of him which made me smile. 🙂

  2. Are you sure we aren’t related?? Except I say I’m 5’2″ but that’s exaggerating a little. The men in my family are about as tall as you. I’ve hit deer and a lot of other animals but not a moose. And while my cars have not survived the accidents I’ve never been hurt. I’m so sorry you were. I’m always on the lookout in Vermont and Maine, though. This was a very cool post. I have part of a Masters Degree in Social Work and then switched to a Masters in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). Only a language degree could be so wordy. But working with Immigrant students and families is more than half counseling. And we arrange services for them etc. So I’m wildly interested in what you are studying. I’m bipolar (did I ever tell you that?) and have anxiety and I think that is why I’m so drawn to your poetry.
    You put it all out there in your poetry, was it strange putting it out there in this way, instead?

    1. you did! I have wondered at time if maybe I am bipolar, it is hard to tell with the diagnosing tools! It was strange doing this, it was also hard trying to come up with 11 personal things I also thought people would find interesting/wouldn’t know about! Hitting a deer would be pretty scary too, they can do some serious damage especially if you are going fast enough, I’ll try and find a picture of the car after the accident to send to you!

      1. I’m going to write my deer story now and I’ll link to your post. It would be interesting to see the photo. Moose are HUGE so I can’t even imagine.

  3. Christophwr – it is nice to meet you in this way. I have a Master’s in Social Work as well and know more than little bit about living with depression and anxiety. And loving chocolate. But that is another story! Your writing is lovely and your voice gets stronger and more interesting every day. You are one of my favorite reads.

  4. Wow! This is an awesome list! 6’5?!?! I would look tiny next to you! 😂 (I’m only 5’1.) I also have anxiety and depression and writing helps a lot sometimes! Thank you so much for sharing this!

  5. I laughed extremely hard at #6. And in high school, I hit a deer with my car once. It was terrifying. Of course, not as insane as a moose. And I feel like if we stood next to each other, I would be just a couple of inches past your belly button. I have no idea if that measurement is correct but it feels right to me.

      1. Ah okay, I misjudged. Life down here (5’1”) isn’t so terrible. I miss a lot of things at concerts/shows, so typically I have to surround myself with people who are just really good at commentary.

  6. I totally agree with Myka. Tall guys are swoon-worthy! Tall guys who write beautiful poetry, understand themselves & their limitations, & want to help people? Well! *clears throat*

  7. A moose?!?!?! See, I live in Florida. I can barely imagine seeing a moose, let alone hitting one. I see a deer once a year, perhaps, and that’s usually at a state park searching for them. I really love reading about you Canadians. XD (shoutout to Paul)
    Plus, after Easter one year, I put some chocolate I got in the pocket of my new dress and it melted and I was distraught, so I feel ya, man.

  8. I can relate to #9. I was in very bad car accident in 2012 going to my job as a paramedic trying to avoid a deer: went over a steep incline, rolled over 3 times and landed on the roof. Having an experience like that changes one’s life. I, too, began my blog around that time in response to how I was feeling: depressed, suicidal and very, very wounded (emotionally and physically). Along with starting yoga and meditation, and the healing of writing, I’ve been able to crawl back to the land of the living. There have been many other things I have changed too…and someday maybe my world will be as I envision. I look as my accident as the moment my life stopped so it could begin anew….xo

  9. My daughter and son-in-law hit a deer on the freeway in Portland, OR. The deer could barely got up and walked to the shoulder on the other side of the freeway… and flop! They then accessed their car, didn’t know if they should continue to go to the wedding. Finally decided to turn around. Again, their car could barely made it home… and quit. I like reading your answers. I know your mom reads your blog. Are you close to you own dad? My husband is 6’4″. His last name, sometimes is hyphenated, Elston-Hurdle, sometime is without the hyphen. I was summoned on jury duty under two name in the same years, but got settle with one matched with my documents and deleted the other name.

    1. oy! it is so scary when stuff like that happens! The moose ended up being put down as soon as the police came to the site they checked on us but went to the moose first after making sure we hadn’t died. lolol I could see that happening to me, sometimes people removed the space because it doesn’t sound right to them, but it’s my last name, so I don’t know why they do that!

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