milk and honey

How much blood, sweat and tears

Must we give to a government

Who squandered our land,

Flowing with milk and honey,

To build up mansions

On our backs,

Beaten and broken;

Fortunes made on too much blood,

Too much sweat,

And too many tears—

How can they still enjoy

Our milk and honey.

16 thoughts on “milk and honey

  1. It’s easy to build an empire on the backs of workers that you never pay, some the same immigrants you want to chase out of the country. It’s easy for some to be hard. Great write Christopher.

      1. It is a shame … it is a sin to have to so many human beings living in fear, not knowing what tomorrow will be like for them .

  2. I don’t know where else to post this so I’m doing it here. WP needs a messenger. Anyway, I hear you like The OC. & I’m watching it for the first time right now. 😐 EEP. so many emotions. #AllTheFeels

      1. I’m on season 2 now (I think) & I need Seth & Sommer in love. I don’t like this bar girl. #NO – how’s your new lifestyle goin?

      2. sooo many love triangles, same–but I really loved Anna, I wanted Seth and Summer together but was so sad when she left to go back to Pittsburgh. It’s good! Found out I need to get a car here so a bit nervous to drive on the other side of the road but other then that I’m pretty much all settled it! hbu how are things?

      3. HAHA. oh my gah! It’s like you’re the mailman (they drive on the wrong side of the car in America anyway). I expect a poem about that experience.
        I’m doing pretty good – finally getting my car back this weekend, I think. Then I’ll have nothing to drone on about in my blogs. 😛

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