many a moon

When did I go
From being so bright eyed
Listening intently
In the classroom,
To staring with dead eyes
Taking orders
At a job,
The nights
Used to make everything seem
So separate,
Yet here I stand,
Some sort of exhausted
Accumulation of the days.

13 thoughts on “many a moon

    1. I think I’m pretty happy I think it’s kind of like Proust said, the times when I was depressed and sad were the most important because I learned the most so that’s what I focus on on! Hope you have a good day:)

      1. Cool I’m glad to hear this. Maybe I misunderstood your poetry then. I admit I am not very good at understanding poems sometimes. They just seemed melancholy to me. And I agree, dark times do teach us, but I am finding that I learn in the light too. It’s whenever I choose to be open to it. 😊

  1. Dark but wonderful at the same time. I think everyone misses those times when life just seemed easier and more pleasant.”Ignorance is bliss.”

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