what is normal?

When you find yourself starting to break,
The vulnerability
Can seep out through the cracks
At the most inopportune times;
Asking for help in all the wrong places,
Shouting into the void;
Seeking help within normal society
Where the social norm isn’t normal,
Where we can’t express our emotions
But instead must be ‘okay’.

13 thoughts on “what is normal?

  1. I ask myself often what normal is. I still haven’t found the answer but I do know that in general what people call normal is stifling and unhelpful.

      1. Don’t get me started! I try not to leap onto my soapbox too often. The world is piteously ignorant of mental health issues … we have not progressed far at all from the Victorian options of laudanum, rest in a darkened room or lock em up! We all need nursing from time to time … the real kind that starts with a kind heart and ears to listen.

      2. Coincidentally another blogger has just asked me to write a piece on Mental Health Care (I have written a lot on FaceBook but never on my blog). I will think long and hard about the appropriate way to position it – I really really want an end to the stigmatising, the fear that it is contagious and and understanding that most of us will experience some form of mental health trauma in our lives and many of us will live with low-level versions of diagnosable mental illness throughout our lives. Let me know what you think I should include.

      3. soooo many angles you could, but one thing which always stuck with me when I was taking the ASIST training for crisis/suicide intervention was that people ask for help in unattractive ways–I never really looked at it like that, our society is taught to judge behaviour that could be a call for help as attention seeking behaviour and dismiss it. Since then I am much more attuned to why people are acting the way they are acting.

      4. It’s ludicrous when you think about it …. when someone has a physical accident (for instance I fell on a hill in June and it REALLY hurt) … it is acceptable for the injured to shout and scream and holler and swear and curse but when someone is in mental agony they are expected to remember to follow the accepted protocols of good communication and reach out in a restrained and polite manner …. what??!! This is hugely helpful indeed and I thank you for taking the time to answer me.

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