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  1. Is the way to do that to stop asking ourselves questions? Questions lead to judgements. We are taught to “pick one.” When we pick one, we normally like the one we “picked,” more than the one we did not “pick.” So, from wee children we are taught to judge things and like one thing better than another. Our lives are made up of judgements until we run into something new, something we have never made a judgement/decision/choice about. Then we have no judgement and have to wait and see. Once we become familiar with whatever it is, we blindly put that idea into the index file in our minds, and use it over and over, automatically blinding ourselves to what could be, or what actually is. We go through life using old judgements and ideas that are long past their, “expiration date,” because we have been rained to judge everything. In a way it’s how we get through life, in another way, it’s how we stop seeing our life. Great poem. Even that is a judgement, based on my taste, world view, and personality. LOLOL How do we escape? It would be a different world but how would we cope? Would we constantly have to reevaluate everything all the time? This is an interesting subject and probably an impossible thing to do 🙂 Past experience teaches us what we think, believe. If a person was hurt by something, they may fear anything that represents the thing that hurts them. They would judge things on their past experience, never giving anything else a chance. I won’t read Westerns. I have made a judgement about Western literature and I don’t test that judgement because I have decided I don’t like Westerns. LOL They could be wonderful, changed over the years, to something I might actually enjoy but that decision/judgement is so strongly embedded in my mind that I don’t give Western’s a chance. I don’t want to waste my time reading something I already decided, YEARS AGO, that I don’t like. It’s that way with everything. What’s the answer?

    1. great post, wanted to take the time to read it but you really gave me a new perspective–especially when i realized my poem is a judgement on the judgmental. But it is always what we are taught and evolutionarily judgement serves a purpose for survival. I think just being cognizant of when a judgement is petty and hurtful though is helpful, to judge yourself on how you judge people if that makes any sense!

      1. Right and the fact is…we judge everything, even if we call it an opinion, or a choice. We are always put in the position of choosing, or comparing, one thing over another. Then deciding which one is better than the other, or more to our liking. It doesn’t mean the things we don’t pick are bad, just that those things are not the things for us. We don’t like something because of who we are, what we believe, what we have been taught…etc. Life is judging and choosing. Some is simple and doesn’t affect others but some is difficult and people get hurt or even die.

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