6 thoughts on “the relationship between love and hate

  1. You must understand that people are NOT taught how to love, they are taught war, exclusion, hate, racism, sexism and al the rest. There is no money in love, only war. That’s what HIStory is, that’s why women and minorities are not taught in school. That’s what our culture TEACHES. We are conditioned and brainwashed by churches, the media, by schools, by government and none of those things teaches people how to love, whether it’s receiving it or giving it to others. All of those things teach “other,” they exclude others, they punish and warn, they do not bring people together, they separate us from each other and they teach threat and division. NO MONEY IN PEACE. NO MONEY IN LOVE. LOVE DOES NOT RECOGNIZE GREED and that’s what our culture is all about. That’s why we have a minimum wage that no one can live on. Hate, and standing on the backs of others. Welcome to America.

    1. so true, I love this comment, money moves the economy, just look at how America got out of the Great Depression with WWII. If minimum wage really catered to our society it would be kept consistent with inflation instead year by year people are made to find it harder and harder to get by.

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