clothe my soul

Sometimes I wish
To veil
My inadequacies
In a layer of
Self esteem,
With hopes
That maybe,
This time,
My new colours
Won’t fade.

20 thoughts on “clothe my soul

  1. This resonates royally …. for me ‘the mask’ was so easy to don it became habit and in the end I have had to work really hard to stop resorting to it and try to face the fact that my true colours can only shine if I don’t cloak myself in false-esteem ….

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    christophermcgeownwriting posted: “Sometimes I wish To veil My inadequacies In a layer of Temporary Superficial Self esteem, With hopes Maybe, This time, My new colours Won’t fade.”

  3. Can totally relate.

    Trouble is, what is masked sooner or later becomes unveiled. What will be seen when the mask is removed?

    Sometimes embracing our inadequacies is the test if strength and character that makes us more human and more attractive.

    If someone can love you in spite of your imperfections it means they are loving the real you. ☺

  4. Barbara is right about you, Christopher. You are totally honest. I have never heard anyone confess upfront that this is “my facade.”
    I remember a saying – “God is not done with me yet!” So I would like to think wherever I am at, that’s who I am, imperfect, full of mistake, but I try, honestly I try. And I know God is still working in “me,” because He is not done with me yet! Isn’t it wonderful!
    When my daughter said, I haven’t accomplished what you have. I said you have time to catch up with me (we joke a lot)!

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