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  1. Profound philosophy in few words. They say the way you make love is the way God is with you….. It is finally a means to transcend the flesh.. and merge with life’s longing for it self……
    If you felt a connection with the soul , that is what you will remember ,,,,,,
    Absolutely brilliant !

      1. That’s great. I’m going to enter some of my articles soon, as well. I have to edit them again. Add and delete. I want to be more meticulous for literary magazines.

      2. that’s awesome:) I wish you good luck, I always love your style of writing, it’s hard to explain, you can approach serious things and make give them a perspective that is both deep but the writing makes it feel light–if that makes sense lol

      3. It does make sense. I try not to write about something personal unless I can maintain some distance. Then I can write with humor. And there is a funny part to almost anything, given time. Thank you for such a wonderful compliment. I don’t know if I’ve forced you to read this yet, but The Quarter is the post that I feel has been the best so far and it’s dark humor. But no takers yet. http://www.saneteachers.com/2016/01/06/the-quarter/

      4. No, it wasn’t. And I’ve sent it in to 2 literary magazines, one a contest. I’m going to rewrite it and try again. Even at the time I knew how bizarrely funny it was. I submitted it a while back to Discover but never heard back. I think, and this is unsolicited advice for you as,well, that how we present our little blurb to the contest or literary magazine is very important. At least for creative non-fiction/memoir essays. I had 2 authors give glowing comments, one, Patty Danny, a significant author. I couldn’t figure out how to get that into a summary without looking pushy. And I don’t know what they want from a poetry entry. Thank you for reading it. Does your mom know that I’m her adopted sister?

      5. lolol, not yet, but I am going to see her thursday or friday and let her know:D! That is good to know about the blurb as well! It is such a great piece, but I would be curious to see a re-write almost a year after it’s original publishing, that would be cool!

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