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    christophermcgeownwriting posted: ”

    *artwork by the talented David Smith (davidsmith-studio.com)”

  2. Mr. Christopher, your writing is so wonderful that we (the creators of Serenity) wanted to recognize your work. So, we’ve given you our Serenity Blog Award.

    You’re under no obligation to post the award or anything. I wanted to let you know that we’ve recognized your work. In brief, beautiful poems, you share an amazing amount of information that promotes peace, mental health awareness, & love.

    So, yeah, my lil speech aside, you can check out the award here. 🙂 https://serenityabcr.wordpress.com/2016/10/31/serenity-blog-award-2/

      1. How did you ook up with him? Not that I could use something similar, it would have to be a very big picture, lol, but it’s fascinating.

      2. I just was searching through various seach engines for images and having a really hard time, then found his image as one of the related images on google search, then I found his pintrest, facebooked his name and sent him a message!

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