Some love

Will be given

And not reciprocated;

This is the hardest,

Most important love

To give.

16 thoughts on “selfless

  1. That should be folded up and tucked in every baby’s crib when they are still reliant on the selfless love that they themselves may learn it is indeed the most important love of all ….

      1. They do …. having perhaps experienced un-noticed, unrequited love of the Eros kind earlier in their lives (adolescence tends to be the hotbed for that particular affliction though it does not have the monopoly by any means ….)

      1. I guess because I am more of a giver than a taker and I find it hard to accept love but easy to give and not sure if that’s a good thing. As a woman and a wife and a mother and a teacher I feel that it can never be reciprocated and don’t get me wrong, I don’t do it for karma, it’s just the way I am. Thank you for this…made me ponder

      2. that’s an interesting perspective! I feel like I am equal parts give and taker, although, not indiscriminately. When I wrote it, I had in mind my parents, who at various times by me and my siblings were being pushed away due to mental illness or other things going on. And in the long run, even when at the time we didn’t appreciate it or reciprocate it, we benefitted from it and are thankful.

        As well, that love that you give as a wife, mother, and teacher I’m sure has a huge impact on your family and students and provides them with such support and stability that effects them and propels them forward in amazing way!:D thank you so much for the comment. I always love hearing different perspective on human emotions!

  2. I understand what Crissy meant. In fact, it is easier for me to love and give than receive. When I had the toughest time of my life, did know what my family would think of me of my decision. It was my sister who said that, you gave and took care of us for these many years. Now take care of yourself and do it just for yourself. It was hard for me to feel vulnerable and need someone to give and love me. But the good news is I finally learned to receive without worrying to give back, to be given, to to say thank you for loving me. Especially after I watched that movie – Pay Forward, then I accept that I may never be able to ‘pay back’ to the same person, but I can pay forward to someone else in need.

    1. this is such a great comment, and such an important thing your sister said to you! Love the reference to Pay It Forward, because the people who love you selflessly teach you to love others in the same way and treat others in a way that you do pay it forward!

  3. Another perspective..i was raised to be independent by my father and i have always been. My mother due to her childhood didn´t know how to give love, so i grow up being independent and not sharing as i get old and had passed many moments in my life; and being a mother i know i don´t say too often i love you my child but i have found that hugging is the way i find myself more confident in sharing my love, so now i often hug. I always take care of them (family,friends, boyfriends)but in the way, i was really hurt, broken..and now i accept help as before i didn´t..
    Pay it forward is a great movie and people doing it is a great unconditional love towards humanity <3

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