I thought you’d be able

To see it on my face,

To hear it on my voice,

To understand the

Words unspoken,

Yet confessed

By the original language,

To spare me the courage

I lost from these days

To speak up and say

That I am not okay.

18 thoughts on “okay

  1. I learned that lesson a few days ago.

    A few years back I endured a very traumatic event. I kept this from my clients because I felt my personal life need not be broadcasted in a professional setting. Some could sense all was not well but never dug beyond a “how are you doing?” to which I’d reply with perhaps partially sad smile, “I’m ok!”

    Recently, I shared my story with a client of 10+ yrs. She ‘scolded’ me for not speaking up sooner for she so would have liked to help me as much as I’ve helped her over the years. Now, she has thrown herself into helping me in ways I never perceived were possible.

    Sometimes it pays to speak up for we never know when our guardian angel /Good Samaritan will be dispatched by the Almighty to swoop in a save the day.

    Great poem. Speak up. There is much support here on wordpress. We have a lovely community of caring folks.

    Feel free to chat with me if you like. Just an ear, no expectations. Be well. Hugs 🌷

  2. When the heart and mind are screaming with pain we assume that those looking at us and listening to us will deduce that blindingly obvious truth but the truth is that often as people we see precisely and hear exactly what we want to … your poem is point perfect

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