simple truths about beauty (as told by the trees)

Often it is the trees

Who are a little crooked—

A little weird who last the longest.

They don’t fit any conventional need

So they continue to grow

Until they









The woods.

21 thoughts on “simple truths about beauty (as told by the trees)

      1. Fantastic! I have a t-shirt that bears the legend ‘Tall and Talented’ …. I should make this my gift to you!!

  1. I’m a big fan of “weird,” whether it’s describing people or trees. I have a theory about normalcy. LOL

    I love how you presented your idea here. I’d also love it if we could bottle your inspiration – you’re always approaching the mundane in a totally unique & beautiful way. (HA! I didn’t need a thesaurus! 😛 😉 )

      1. “Normal” is what the majority consensus is acceptable behavior, quoting my favorite dictionary, my Dad. But, I think that its pushed on people by their leaders & influential people. That means, “normalcy” is all a government conspiracy (no, I don’t normally subscribe to those; frankly, most of them are bonkers) that it creates & holds as a standard to keep the masses in line.

        By putting forth the idea that it’s better to be like everyone else rather than stand out, the people in charge are less likely to run into “trouble-starters.” But that’s not how most people want to live (even if they do) – Who wants to be the drone when they can be the Queen?

        Now that you think I’m absolutely coo-coo, I’ll shut up. LOL

      2. lolol no that makes sense, that is what I think about every time there are those social experiments where a large group of actors impose an arbitrary rule on a subject then wait for them to conform, and while it’s on a small scale, you can see how in society the rules and norms effect every day behaviour–very interesting!

      3. Yes! I think, in a lot of ways, people in “charge of things” rely on & fear the herd mentality, so they try to use it. However, the invention & ridiculous popularity of social media (&, yes, blogs) has expanded people’s exposure to unique, creative, &, yes, delightfully weird ideas. So, there’s an upside to people like those who post pictures of every meal on Instagram, I guess! LOL

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