not enough

How many times

Must we be broken down

Then told

We are not enough?

17 thoughts on “not enough

  1. In so few words, you managed to bring up so many emotions for me. It makes my heart hurt, but in a good way… so, thank you. Keep up the great work (I’m running out of positive adjectives with which to describe your work… I’m gonna have to hit up the thesaurus soon!! 😉 )

  2. Love your poem…I used to feel that..until i learned that rude people and with no self esteem tend to push others down..
    What i know from my life is that it was those rude people/bad moments that made me stronger in the end.
    Close that window, forgive and Shine 😉

  3. I identify with is short piece so much. A lot of my early life, especially in romantic relationships, seemed to be about being deemed unfixable and hopelessly broken. Luckily, things eventually turned around, but your poem speaks to me about that earlier time. Great writing. 🙂

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