9 thoughts on “history lessons

    1. Very true, I definitely get the forgive part–but sometimes I think we place too much emphasis on the forget. The best predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour so sometimes it is wise to forgive but remember, to learn

  1. I admit I can be a bit stubborn sometimes. I dig my heels in not wanting to give up especially when I’ve put so much time and energy into something. I try and try to solve for X but what I keep forgetting is that some solutions don’t come til later on down the road. I forget to place my problems in God’s hands and just have faith.

    The more I practice the better I get at relying on Him, but sometimes I trust myself instead and that’s when things go wrong. That’s when history replays. That’s when I ignore the update and revert to the old software. And of course things get all muddled up.

    The only reason we don’t move to the next level is because we haven’t yet mastered our current study material.
    We have to pay attention to the details. We have to learn those lessons so we can graduate! ☺

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