At night

When the sky fades to black

And opens up to millions of stars

And galaxies I will never know,

They humble my problems

And humble my mind;

The liberating feeling of freedom

That comes with insignificance.

10 thoughts on “insignificance

  1. I have often looked at the sky and felt my troubles to be small, I am small etc. You have worded it so well…..Thank you for voicing what I perhaps could not….. Great to feel in sync

  2. Well said: “y el cielo, vueltas dando, las horas del vivir, nos va hurtando” / and the sky as it turns, steals away the hours of our lives (Fray Luis de Leon, 16th Century Spain).

      1. That’s great. I have done some short translations from his poetry, but the poems lose so much in translation. He is one of the smoothest poets, along with St. John of the Cross. The language seems so simple, and is, yet it’s almost impossible to paraphrase and translate. I’ll write more later on Fray Luis, maybe do a post on him!

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