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  1. These are my thoughts too. I feel like I can’t be around myself with most people as they say hurtful stuff to change me into a “better” person but aren’t I already making myself better. See us for who we are.

      1. You are very welcome. I’m glad you stopped by one of my blogs so I could find yours.
        Perhaps I like short poems because that is what I write on one of my blogs? 😀

      2. Ah, the art exhibits are one of my addictions. I’m hoping to get to a very special asylum in Provence soon. A famous artist admitted himself after an incident where he lost an ear. During that 53 weeks he ‘rested there’ he completed 143 oil paintings, including Starry Night, and over 100 drawings. I think it would make an interesting post…

  2. Sadly these are two reasons people may chip away at who we are.

    But a third alternative may be someone like the artist creating a sculpture, chipping away that which does not add to the beauty and happiness of the piece, out of a desire to bless the stone they began with and help it to be the beautiful sculpture they can see within.

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