This Is Chris

My best friend and I were discussing how I suck at writing/talking about myself–so here is my about me P2 Courtesy of Paul:D!

13 thoughts on “This Is Chris

  1. Okay. Here goes….
    1) A HUGE welcome to the blogging world and you better follow my blog or else.
    2) Any friend of Paul’s is a friend of mine, but I’ll be jealous anytime he refers to you and not also to me (kidding) (sort of)
    3) GAME OF THRONES IS THE BEST SHOW IN RECORDED HISTORY AND SO ARE ALL OF THE BOOKS.. I read the books first and had to be dragged to the series kicking and screaming by my son who had also read the books and promised me I would love it. As always, I should listen to him. I won’t spoil anything but HURRY UP AND FINISH SO WE CAN TALK ABOUT IT.
    4) I promise to promote your blog on my blog.
    5) So you”ll owe me.

    1. Thank you! Paul really is an awesome blogger and friend, just saw him today.

      Game of Thrones is sooo good, and that finally was awesome, I especially love Arya’s revenge at the end of the last episode and what happened to Ramsey! lol I will definitely promote you–any friend of Paul’s is a friend of mine!

      1. I’m not quite as crazy about pizza as the 2 of you but HAVE to have a slice or two every week, at least. And for GoT, the battle scenes were the best. I’ve watched them at least 5 times.

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