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Today I am stranded in a hotel in Nova Scotia after my car was hit by a moose on my way from Newfoundland to Toronto (I feel really bad for the moose)—so I figured what better time to do an about me post!

My name is Christopher Mc Geown. My last name has a space because my dad filled out my birth certificate wrong. I was born and raised in Richmond Hill, my parents are divorced. I was a shy kid growing up. When I was in grade one we had small journals, my teacher would tell me to stop writing in them and play with the other children. I filled out about 2 dozen. I have always loved writing. It was in elementary school I met my best friend Paul (captainsspeech.wordpress.com), grade 4 to be exact.

When I grew up I went to University thinking I wanted to be a writer. I applied for English programs, but when I started I quickly realized I would be buried by books. I didn’t like the idea of rushing through books, of reading becoming a chore—so after a year I switched into psychology because I liked helping people.

So I lost literature for a while.

I studied psychology, graduated to a job market barren for Psychology majors, panicked and took a one year post-grad course to become a Financial Planner. I ended up dropping this with a month left to go because I realized on life focused on money was not the life for me.

Recently I started working various jobs, settling on maintenance. I started volunteering at a Distress Line. I began writing again and have completed 75% of a novel, hoping to have it done by early 2017. I applied and got accepted to do a Masters in January 2017. I continue reading and loving writing and poetry. I love humour and try to find it in everything even though sometimes my poetry may be a bit darker.

I am currently obsessed with Game of Thrones (on season 6, no spoilers). I am neither a cat or dog person (I am a both person), and I love talking to random people on the internet, talk to me, add me, whatever you like. Many talented writers here on WordPress!

26 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Great introduction of yourself, but I have to say..Whoa..cant even imagine having a moose/car collision. Scary! Glad you are okay, hopefully the car will be okay and yes, I feel bad for the moose too. Take good care this evening!

  2. I feel so bad for laughing at the first paragraph, I hope you and the moose are perfectly okay 😀 you seem to have your life together way better than me! Seriously awesome about me post 🙂

  3. Hello! New follower (I found you from Paul’s page, & him from another page… I won’t bore you w/the whole chain of events) here & I just wanted to drop a line. From reading this brief intro, it looks like we have a few things in common. I hope this proves to be the case.

    Also, I’m really liking your poetry thus far! Welcome to WordPress! 🙂

      1. It’s nice to meet you too, Christopher (or do you prefer “Chris?”)

        It does??? Oh for heaven’s sake… I had created a WordPress account way back in the day &, when I finally got interested in WordPress enough to actually USE the account, I wanted the name & URL to be something different. So, I deleted the first account & I began using the second one exclusively; unfortunately, it seems to be causing some issues still. I’m not really sure what I can do about it. :-/

      2. I noticed that you decided to follow my blog. Thank you for that!

        Your bestie, Paul, walked me through how to fix my account issue when he had the same problem as you did in looking at my profile. It appears to be fixed now. It helped to have people point it out, though; otherwise, I never would have known there was an issue!

  4. Sorry bout that moose incident, ugh.

    I love your chatty style here. Your poetry is pretty awesome. I’m glad I randomly stumbled across your path, I look forward to the journey!

      1. Oh wow! I totaled my little Ford Focus once when I hit a deer. I made it out without even a scratch, the poor car though…

        Thanks for reading my ramblings…I write purely for the joy of writing, I guess to hear my own head think!

  5. Very interesting, you have had a varied education, I have no doubt that you will easily find your notch. I am sorry about the mouse but I am sure you did not have any choice in the event!

  6. I wonder why I have always thought you are Irish, I should have read your About page sooner. I too feel sorry for the moose. I too am not a dog or a cat person, I am an all animal person. I am so pleased you found your life’s purpose and so glad you write this blog.

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