Two Roads Diverged on a Highway

A man

Rented hotel: looking out on the light of the city

Wishing he hadn’t wasted his life in the empty countryside.


A man

Rented cottage: looking out on the stars above the lake

Wishing he hadn’t wasted his life in the busy city.



11 thoughts on “Two Roads Diverged on a Highway

  1. Excellent. Fortunately, I looked out my window and saw skyscrapers and a diamond studded lake, Michigan Avenue, The Art Institute and lots of people and cars and I knew I was in the right place from the start.

  2. This poem is wonderful. I read it 3 times and it hit home. Do we all do that? Everywhere I travel I wistfully wonder what it would like to live there. When I look in my past I wonder if I’ve wasted my time in the exurbs of New York while I yearn for Vermont.

      1. Ha make them all about the adventures of Paul and Chris. Actually I was referring to you guessing mine. Did Paul mention that I’m very nice but high-maintenance? Lol

      2. ahhhh I see what you mean lolol I will right now! I am especially curious about number 4–not sure which would be crazier, eating a guinea pig or finishing GoT that fast, I’m excited for the answers!

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