official book release!


After much waiting and a few emails to Amazon my book is finally available for order! I had so much fun putting this together and feel like I was able to take more risks. I had been working on it since the release of my last book, and wanted to release it Christmas 2018, but took extra time to really refine and make sure it was a balanced book! Shoutout to everyone who reads my blog and supports my work, you can get a copy of it here!

giveaway day!


**10K Giveaway** In honour of having 10,000 followers on Instagram and close to 50,000 across my tumblr, Twitter, and WordPress I am having a giveaway!

You get:

1. All 3 of my books

2. 4 posters

3. A ‘the art of getting by’ mug

4. A $20 Amazon gift card

You have to:

1. Be following me on Instagram here

2. Post a picture with one of my poems as the caption on Instagram

3. Be sure to tag me in the post!

Giveaway ends September 8 at Midnight ET, winner will be informed via DM, good luck😸💙